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Jiyan Faris

Joint PhD candidate (main institution University of Antwerp), PhD students


Jiyan holds MA in Journalism and Media Communications at the University of Hertfordshire/UK (2012). She wrote her postgraduate thesis on Media Democratization and the Rise of Kurdish Nationalism in Iraq. She worked as lecture at the department of Journalism Duhok Polytechnic University for the period 2012-2015.  

Currently, Jiyan is a PhD researcher, investigates media in transitional democracies from a perspective of political economy and media capture, Jiyan investigates the media system in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


Interest fields: Middle East studies (Kurdish and Arab studies), political economy of the media in authoritarian regimes, journalism studies in conflict and post-conflict societies, human rights, and minorities in developing countries.


Conference papers:  

ECREA 2021, 8th European Communication Conference: Media Regulation under a Democratic Transition: Between Volatility and Implementation: The case of Iraqi Kurdistan. (Jiyan Faris and Pieter Maeseele).


Regime-Critical Media and Arab Diaspora 2019: Challenges and Opportunities post-Arab Spring), Title, The media system of Iraqi Kurdistan: Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives.  Copenhagen University. (Jiyan Faris, Pieter Maeseele, Kevin Smets).


IAMCR-2019 International Association for Media and Communication Research Conference (7-11 July 2019, Madrid, Spain), Title: "Party Colonization and Newspaper Advertising in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq (2014-2018)". (Jiyan Faris & Pieter Maeseele).


The 3rd International Kurdish Studies Conference 2019 at Middlesex University, Title: Development of the Newspaper Industry and the Role of Different Social Powers in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (2014-2018). (Jiyan Faris)

Conference Communication and Conflict in Iraq and Syria 2016 (7 May, SOAS University of London), Title: "Countering Islamic State propaganda: Duhok Radio’s support for Peshmerga forces in Iraqi Kurdistan" (Jiyan Faris, Pieter Maeseele and Kevin Smets).


ECREA-2016 European Communication Research and Education Association Conference (9-12 November 2016, Prague, Czech Republic), Title: "Press freedom and soft censorship in Iraqi Kurdistan: The cases of Rudaw and NRT TV" (with Pieter Maeseele and Kevin Smets).