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Anne-Sofie Vanhaeght Anne-Sofie Vanhaeght

Anne-Sofie Vanhaeght

Post Doctoral Researcher
Guest Professor,
Post-doctoral scientists


Anne-Sofie Vanhaeght is a Visiting Professor at the VUB Communication Studies Department and a post-doctoral researcher at ECHO. Her key media research interests involve media participation, diversity, citizenship, young people and audiences. She has specific methodological expertise in audience research and policy analysis; she lectured Policy Analysis at VUB and Media Policy at Universiteit Antwerpen. The PhD of Anne-Sofie dealt with audience participation in public service media companies, researching, amongst others, VRT and NPO. Aside from her academic experience, Anne-Sofie worked as a policy consultant at VRT and as a social worker in Brussels. She has been a visiting scholar at the University of Leicester and the Universiteit van Amsterdam. Anne-Sofie graduated as MSc in Communication Studies in 2013. At the moment she is also studying psychology at the KULeuven.